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So sorry, the water is toooo high to go through the Needles Eye. 

Check it out yourself.  :(


Posted 4/19/2016

The water is still 'hypothermia cold'  in April if you end up in the water. I am waiting for the docks to be put in the water.  Yesterday was in the 80's, today 40's.  We'll be glad when that stuff is gone.  I am looking for help for the summer.  It's an outdoorsy job with plenty of sun. I could use dock help and am looking for a couple more tour guides- it's unbelievable that you get paid for this!  You must have housing.  The BIG secret is... get here SOON.  If you wait too long- you can always work at McDonald's on the mainland.    blah blah blah   I know of a place to rent, but it could go at any time. No promises.