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It's JULY!!!!

Posted 7/9/2014

We have been so busy-I haven't been able to sit and write anything.  Does that tell you how wonderful the weather has been on South Bass Island and the downtown Put-In-Bay harbor?  We have several groups going out in July-so if you have plans and a large group-let us know soon. When the weather is good and we see that boat traffic is at a minimum-we like to send people to Middle Bass Island to walk around Lonz Winery grounds or have lunch at JF Walleyes and take a dip in their pool.  The State of Ohio is putting around $8 Million into renovations of the old Lonz Winery and George Lonz's house.  It's pretty fun to go over now and take some pics while under construction.  Take some BEFORE and AFTER pictures.    Let me know what you think.  It's a nice way to "island hop" by kayak.

You do NOT need reservations for small groups-we have PLENTY of kayaks.  Yes, we have storage available.