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So sorry, the water is toooo high to go through the Needles Eye. 

Check it out yourself.  :(

August and September kayaking

Posted 8/22/2016

This is a great time to kayak and the weather is hanging in there for those of us who have procrastinated. SHOW ME THE WATER.   No algae to be concerned about and clear water.   It's been beautiful.   Don't miss a paddle in the harbor and around Gibraltar Island and it's limestone cliffs.  How about a paddle to the Benson Ford?  All good.  See you soon!!

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Posted 4/19/2016

The water is still 'hypothermia cold'  in April if you end up in the water. I am waiting for the docks to be put in the water.  Yesterday was in the 80's, today 40's.  We'll be glad when that stuff is gone.  I am looking for help for the summer.  It's an outdoorsy job with plenty of sun. I could use dock help and am looking for a couple more tour guides- it's unbelievable that you get paid for this!  You must have housing.  The BIG secret is... get here SOON.  If you wait too long- you can always work at McDonald's on the mainland.    blah blah blah   I know of a place to rent, but it could go at any time. No promises.

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Bad weather? Bah humbug. I don't think it's happening ......

Posted 8/19/2014   Click on "Classroom" and you will see the weather in the harbor.  It's all good.  Many times a storm will come our way and J U S T miss us.  Ya gotta love the weather here.  Come on up.  It's a short drive but MILES away from the world.

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Posted 8/19/2014

Cindy Orley  a blogger for and family came to South Bass Island and Put in Bay and enjoyed some kayaking around the cliffs of Gibraltar Island in Lake Erie.  Even though it was a little windy that day, they found the harbor to be a great paddling spot.  For a little excitement- they headed out to check out the waves.  Not bad at all.  Thanks gang for visiting. 

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The weather is a different thing here......

Posted 8/2/2014

  Quite often the bad weather goes AROUND us. Weather predictions usually are wrong for the islands.  RADAR is the best and in real time.  If we have a beautiful day- grab it.  Don't w a i t until tomorrow. 

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